About Us

We at Team ZapApps have created the all in one multi-channel inventory management app ZapERP.com which will make your life easy and your business flourish. Our Software helps you to soar great heights without the worries and intricacies of inventory management and cumbersome business management tools. Then we went ahead and added few more tools to help to scale your eCommerce business to the next level.


Ishan Patil, Product

Tejas Tambekar, Sales

Pramod Wagh, Development

Sumit Jadhav, Senior Analyst

Ahmed E., Development

Rajender Thakur, Development

Harnur Virk, Marketing

Olivia M., Support

Kunal Patil, Testing

Vinay Khandwe, Analyst

Trupti S., Marketing

Vaishnavi B., Marketing

Shridip C., Development

Angana C., Product Marketing

NIkhil Jathar, Chief Execution, Founder

Varun Borawake, Chief Finance, Founder